Our story

Together Always was founded by experienced jeweller Andy Glassford.

After his mother Mary Glassford and father George Glassford passed away in 2012/13, Andy wanted to do something special to remember them by – and was struck by the inadequate jewellery options currently available for people in the UK.

Together Always was born with the idea to clearly display the ashes of loved ones in the jewellery setting, so they can be seen at all times.

We have a great selection of jewellery available to buy now, including rings for men and women and a range of pendants.

Andy is continuously developing the product range of Together Always, so if there’s any jewellery you would like to see available feel free to make a suggestion!

How we make your jewellery for ashes

When we receive your loved ones ashes, Andy sets to work on creating your jewellery.

First of all he designs the model for each individual piece so we can do our own jewellery casting (which means we have full control of how your cremation jewellery is made).

Once the jewellery has been cast, it is then time to finish it to your specified requirement – size, colour etc…. before sending it off to the assay office for hallmarking.

When we receive the hallmarked jewellery back we then set to work on the actual setting – encapsulating the ashes in the special cabochon setting. Once that is completed, the jewellery is then ready for its final polish before sending it to you.