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17 things you need to know about our ashes jewellery

ashes jewellery

Our jewellery for cremation ashes is a great way to keep the memory of your loved one alive. The ashes are contained in a glass setting that clearly displays the ashes at all times, so you can feel close to your loved one at all times.

If you have recently lost someone special, it can be difficult to come to terms with your loss. Thinking about what you could do with the ashes may not be something you want to consider for months or even years.

If you do feel ready, then ashes jewellery is a great way to always feel close to your loved one again. You can wear a ring, pendant, charm or ear-rings that encapsulate and clearly show your loved ones ashes in the setting.

We find our unique, handmade ashes jewellery items bring a lot of comfort to our customers – who are able to take their beautiful jewellery with them wherever they go.

If you are starting to think about using some cremation ashes for jewellery, with listed everything you need to know below. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or request your FREE order pack now to find out more about all of our products.

How much it costs to turn ashes into jewellery

As all of our jewellery is handmade in-house by our experienced jeweller, we are able to keep the costs of our high-quality jewellery down. This means the price of our ashes rings start at just £145 for a silver ring.

As the price of gold is more than silver, our gold rings start from just £285.

If you are looking for a beautiful pendant to house and display your loved ones ashes, our pendants start from just £125 for silver, and just £220 for gold.

Our ashes charms cost between £95-£230, and our ear-rings between £100 - £200.

Take a look at our products now, or request a free order pack below:

We only need a teaspoon of ashes

Many of our customers are surprised when we tell them we only require a very small amount of ashes for the jewellery.

Each jewellery item we make only needs around a teaspoonful of ashes – and our order packs come with a spoon and pouch for you to easily and securely send the ashes to us.

A lot of people are put off from ashes jewellery as they understandably do not want to part with too much of their loved ones ashes.  However, we only need a very small amount to make our jewellery and we will return any unused ashes back to you.

Our jewellery is always sent by Royal Mail Special Delivery

We know how important your loved one’s ashes are to you and your family, so we always take extra care when handling them.

When we have made your ashes jewellery, we will send it to you via Royal Mail Special Delivery to make sure it gets to you safe and sound.

It takes us around four weeks to make and send your jewellery

After receiving your order and ashes, it takes us approximately four weeks to create your jewellery items and post them back to you.

As we make all the jewellery in-house, we are in full control of the process and do not have to rely on third parties. All of our jewellery features glass settings, which take a little longer to make than the cheaper resin-based jewellery – but we feel the extra quality is well worth the wait.

Each item comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity which is completely individual to you and your jewellery.

You can combine different ashes and hair into the jewellery

If you want to combine the ashes of two or more loved ones into a piece of jewellery, or ashes and hair or just hair, it is very easy to do so and we do not charge extra for this.

This can be a great way to remember and honour your parents, or grandparents, for instance.

Also, if there are no ashes available then using hair in the setting can have a beautiful and unique effect.

We can also make jewellery with pet ashes

It is very common for our customers to order jewellery that encapsulates and displays the ashes of their pet.

There is no difference to the process – just send in your order pack with a teaspoon of your pet's ashes.

We have had many comments and reviews from customers who find it a real comfort to have their beloved pet so close to them.

You can choose from nine different setting colours

For all of our jewellery items, you can choose from nine different colours for the setting: Amber, Amethyst, Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Diamond (clear), Emerald, Obsidian, Ruby and Sapphire.

Each final item can vary slightly due to the difference in ashes – which makes each item completely unique.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch using our Live Chat function or on our Contact page. We have also listed our FAQs below if you require any further information.


How do I place an order?

You can order and pay for your jewellery item(s) directly on this website.

By choosing the item(s) you would like to purchase, selecting the colour for your setting and the material. Then simply add it to your basket and go through the online checkout process.

How do I send the ashes to you?

Upon receipt of your order and online payment, we will post an information pack to you which includes a special sealable ashes pouch and a secure prepaid and addressed envelope so you can send your loved one's ashes to us with ease.

Can I receive an information pack before deciding to order?

Of course, simply fill out the form here and we will forward your free information pack.

The pack features a full brochure and order form, so you can place your order by post and pay either when you send us the order back via a cheque, or when your ashes arrive with us via a phone payment.

How do I pay?

There are many ways you can pay for your item(s).

  • Cheque - sent with the information/order pack we send to you to for sending the ashes to us.
  • Online - on our website after selecting your chosen item(s) and adding them to your basket
  • Phone - we can take payments over the phone, simply call 0116 267 7148
  • Bank transfer
  • PayPal

What if I don’t know my ring size?

Don’t worry, you can still place an order. The information pack includes a ring sizer so you can confirm what size you want your ring(s) in when you send in the ashes.

Can you send my order to a different address?

Of course, simply state your required delivery address during the order process – or contact us on [email protected] or call on 0116 267 7148 if you require a change of delivery address after the order has been placed.

Do you provide a certificate of authenticity with every order?

We send all jewellery back with a Certificate of Authenticity with the completed pieces of jewellery with the order with your loved ones name on it as long as the name is provided to us on our order form.

Can I pay over the phone?

Of course, we can take all the relevant information and process your payment.

Do the ashes effect the colour of the setting?

The ashes can alter the colour of the setting slightly.

For example, if the ashes are light in colour (white/sandy colour) they can make the colour of the setting brighter. If the ashes are darker in colour they can make the colour of the setting slightly darker.

However, after doing memorial jewellery since 2013 we have worked out the best colour system for our jewellery.

Do the pendants come with chains?

All of our pendants come with a standard 18-inch chain, although other sizes can be issued when discussed with your order.

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Introducing three brand new products – Oval Bracelet, Teardrop Ring and Square Celtic Ring

oval bracelet for ashes

We are delighted to introduce three brand new products to the growing Together Always range.

Here at Together Always we are committed to creating unique, distinctive and beautiful ashes jewellery to help you feel closer to your lost loved ones at all times.

All of our jewellery contains and displays your loved one's ashes so they are visible in the glass setting.

You can order any item directly from this website, or if you prefer you can request an order pack first.

Learn more about our three new products below:

Oval Bracelet

oval bracelet for ashes

Perhaps the most requested item from our customers is a bracelet with a glass setting to show the ashes. So we set our jewellery makers the task of producing a beautiful and unique ashes bracelet - and as usual they were more than up to the task.

Our new Oval Bracelet is available to order now and comes with the usual nine colour options for the setting. The bracelet is 7.5 inches, but we can make it any size to suit you.

Learn more about the Oval Bracelet and order it here

Teardrop Ring

Teardrop ashes ring

As our Teardrop Pendant is so popular, we decided to give it a friend and have developed this beautiful and understated Teardrop Ring.

The ring clearly displays the ashes in the setting, which is 14x10mm and available in the usual nine setting colours: Amber, Amethyst, Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Diamond (clear), Emerald, Obsidian, Ruby and Sapphire.

Learn more about the Teardrop Ring and order it here

Square Set Celtic Ring

square celtic ring for ashes

Obviously we can't leave the men out, and have designed a new Celtic ring to add to our Gent's Rings collection.

The new Square Set Celtic Ring features a distinctive Celtic-inspired band and a square glass setting that clearly shows the ashes.

Like all of our jewellery items, this new ring is available in your choice of 9ct Yellow or White Gold or Silver.

Learn more about the Square Set Celtic Ring and order it here

Get in touch with Together Always

We always love to hear from our customers, whether you have a question about any of our products, a query about how to order or an idea for a new ashes jewellery item.

If you want to get in touch for any reason, head over to our contact page or visit us on Facebook.

If you are interested in any of our products, you can request an order pack here.

What our customers say

Me and my mum have just received our rings today with my dads ashes.Wow what can I say you have made us both very happy thank you for a easy experience. Thank you Andy for delivering these back quicker than the time scale. What a lovely company to deal with will definitely recommend and use again. Xx
Lindsey McClune
Lindsey M.
Just want to say thank you so much for the beautiful gold signet ring that I purchased for my father/grandad for a Christmas gift. We had Nannys ashes put into the ring for him. The very first thing he did was to kiss the ring 😔His words to us were ‘she will continue now to be by my side always’ we all had tears but you have no idea what this ring means to him and us 🙏🏻 thank you again for your all your professional service in making the grieving process more comforting for him and the family
Tracey Edwards
Tracey E.
would highly recommend you to anyone the service was brilliant and not overly priced like some I absolutely love my ring my hubby got me for Xmas exactly what I asked for spoke on the phone and it was ready in 3 weeks thank you I love it xx
Carol Merryweather
Carol M.
Absolutely fantastic company from start to finish, I received my ring with my husband’s ashes in it today and it is beautiful, he passed away in November and this has gave me such comfort, I cannot thank this company enough .
Karen Hitchman
Karen H.
Loved my ring with my beautiful nanna, grandad and auntie's ashes ❤️❤️❤️ really helpful when I had questions and the rings arrived in the expected time frame. Would 100% recommend
Louise Hardman
Louise H.
This company is fabulous, I had my ashes ring 2 years when I damaged my ring by trapping my hand, I contacted together always within 1 week I have my ring back fully repaired looking brand new. I was devastated when I damaged it but am so so pleased with its repair and feel so happy my ashes ring is back with me. Huge thanks to all at together always. Their products are beautiful, the service is A1+, cant big them up enough.
Laura Bell
Laura B.
Just received my ring with my fathers ashes I have never had a piece of jewellery so beautiful and I never thought it would be of such quality the silver is very think and heavy thank you once again
Shelley Atkinson
Shelley A.
Absolutely beautiful pieces of jewellery made by a excellent company. Would highly recommend. I am so unbelievably pleased with the jewellery I received.
Dawn Fawcett
Dawn F.
Amazing company kept me notified when the ashes arrived and when my jewellery was dispatched and my charm is perfect will be recommending to everyone
Lesley Goad
Lesley G.
Absolutely love my Teardrop ring 😍😍Fabulous service, thank you so much 😙😙
Sarah Etherington-Smith
Sarah E.
recieved my ring and kept updated on progress of it all the way.
Marc Bainbridge
Marc B.
Received my pendant today, couldn’t be any happier with it!! Lost my nan two months ago and now I know I forever have her with me!! Thank you so much💛
Georgia Neate
Georgia N.
Just received my ring containing Keano’s ashes (my dog) and I love it so much. It’s such an easy process to follow. Don’t hesitate in buying from this company.
Lianne Hughes
Lianne H.
love my ring, thank you 💖
Abbie Charlton
Abbie C.
Thank you so very much for my beautiful and special ring I am over the moon its just perfect! The service and special offer were amazing! would highly recommend
Deborah Alderson
Deborah A.
these guys are amazing. the quality is just brilliant.
Steph Lewkowicz
Steph L.
Thank you so much for my necklace which has my dads aches in, we lost him suddenly 6 months ago. I’ve been having a bad week this week and received this today which made my day! I love it! 🥰🥰🥰
Kimberley Carter
Kimberley C.
I ordered a emerald green opal ring with my mums ashes in. All I can say is it is absolutely beautiful and the most precious ring I will ever own.The service by these guys are fantastic, with a 24/7 hour chat that was really helpful for advice when sending the ashes.I already have ordered another pendant and will probably be getting another ring as I love it So much xThankyou together always
Emma Winrow
Emma W.
From what a Heartbreaking place to be in after losing both my Mum and Dad within 8 weeks of each other - the team at Together Always 💛 have given both my Sister and I a piece of jewellery that is outstanding, and means so very much 😢From the messages, phone conversations and emails which were delivered with such empathy and patience.Thank you so much for the understanding of how much my Mum and Dad meant to us ❤️Outstanding 5* service, product and delivery - I will definitely recommend Together Always 💛
Jo Pullen
Jo P.
Thank you so much for my beautiful ring with my nans ashes in, I absolutely love it thanks so much Andy I now get to have her with me everyday ❤️ brilliant service and fast delivery highly recommend xx
Alicia Butler
Alicia B.
amazing work done beautiful ring .they also plated my wedding ring to and a really personal service
Lorraine Pearson
Lorraine P.
Brilliant service and always letting me know what stage my jewellery was at, instructions were easy to follow, fast service delivery and the pendant with my husbands ashes in is perfect, lovely piece of jewellery, Thankyou very muchdefinitely recommend
Janice Heavey
Janice H.
I would highly recommend Together Always. We had 4 pieces of jewellery made, which have been delivered in less than 10 business days, which we are extremely impressed with. The pieces of jewellery themselves are stunning, and we shall be taking my late Dad to our seaside holiday that was booked. Thankyou so much for the incredible service.
Jessica-Rose Mears
Jessica-Rose M.
I just received my ring in the post. Absolutely beautiful. The communication was brilliant and I would highly recommend Together Always. Their handling of my Fathers ashes was very respectful and trustworthy and my incessant questions were answered promptly with such kindness. It feels wonderful having part of my Dad with me now, thank you
Emily Baldwin
Emily B.
Absolute fabulous from start to finish first class service always kept updated would highly recommend thankyou I love my ring ❤️❤️
Gwizza KG
Gwizza K.
Love my beautiful ring thank you so much great company
Elaine Bessell Dunbar
Elaine Bessell D.
My ring containing my GG’s ashes are just perfect. It fits beautifully and looks just stunning. I would highly recommend plus the range of products available are fab. Thank you.
Niki Drury
Niki D.
Amazing family run business who’s service is fantastic. Can not fault anything about them. They have given me the best gift I could have wished for. Thank you x
Sarah Jones
Sarah J.
Excellent service and communication.Beautiful quality Rembrance jewelry
Mary Quinn
Mary Q.
Received my ashes ring today of my dog buddy and I absolutely love it, was having a tough week and missing him so much, this is a big comfort to me to have a part of him on me always. The service was great and had no issues ordering. Really reasonable price and such a beautiful ring.
Cheryl Louise Andrews
Cheryl Louise A.
beautiful jewellery fast efficient service & very helpful
Sheila Moss
Sheila M.
Such a beautiful ring made by Together Always, I will treasure it forever. Took around 3 weeks to deliver to me and the customer assistance is brilliant - they helped me and replied really quickly every time I had a problem! Highly recommend.
Gaia De Angelis
Gaia De A.
My beautiful classic amethyst ring arrived this morning and I couldn’t be happier! What you do is brilliant, I worshipped my Nan and struggle without her, to have her with me all the time now makes it that little bit easier! Thank you Together Always 💜
Kelly Gough
Kelly G.
ordered a pendant for my partner for xmas. really happy with it. good customer service and very efficient. will be ordering again
Julie Taylor
Julie T.
Have had a necklace made for Mum and I’ve had a charm with my dads ashes inThe service was fantastic, I rang for advice on the colours as wanted to be certain and they were so helpful and explained everything very clearly Would definitely recommend this company
Wendy Mason
Wendy M.
From my very first contact Forever Always have been wonderful and considerate. My beautiful ring arrived just before Christmas. I will treasure it and wear it always. It contains my Brothers and Fathers ashes who passed away within weeks of each other They are now together always. Thank you....
Samantha Jenkins Cullen
Samantha Jenkins C.
This is the second time I used this company amazing I would definitely highly recommend every time beautiful end result so we can all cherish our beautiful mum in different jewellery and she can be with us always thank you so much my sister loved her pendant ❤️
Leanne Argent
Leanne A.
Very good service received my ring today it's beautiful now my late husband will be with me always thank you
Margaret Parker
Margaret P.
just received ring and its beautiful thankyou
Gail Porthouse
Gail P.
What an amazing company to deal with! Just received my ring after 3 weeks. It is absolutely stunning. Its so comforting knowing that my Dad will always be with me. Thank you Andy for my bespoke colour, to match my dads beautiful eyes. Thank you for the fantastic customer services from yourself, your wife and daughter. I changed my design and they were more than happy to accommodate. I would highly recommend this family business, highly professional, produce beautiful quality jewellery and kind and thoughtful. Will definitely use them again 💖💖💖
Claire Sager
Claire S.
excellent customer service even post purchase -18mths later they have re-polished my Dad ring and its beautiful xx
Andrea Hulton
Andrea H.
What a fantastic service & the quality of the jewelry is very high. I certainly will & have already recommended together always & will not hesitate to order again in the future. I now have my Ebony with me always thanks to together always x
Sable Shellholmes Ebonrocmiashelby
Sable Shellholmes E.
my mum lost her chain with dads ashes and Together Always pushed mums through so quick in time for her birthday I can't thank them enough brilliant product and fab customer service thank you x
Debra Donnelly
Debra D.
I received my ring yesterday and it's beautiful. I would highly recommend Together always. Thank you
Bekky Bell
Bekky B.
Just received my ring & it is gorgeous.The whole ordering process was so quick & easy, highly recommended x
Tracy Ciesielska
Tracy C.
I now have 3 items made by this company, a purple ring with my mum n it, beautiful, I have just received a black pendant with my mum and dad in it, it is stunning, and also just received my dad n a clear ring, the ashes don't show up quite as much as I would of liked, but never mind. in my opinion the colour ones show more detail than the clear.the certificates are a brilliant touch, they even sent me one for the ring with mum in even though it wasn't available when I got the ring. tthey have offered to reset the ring im not happy with but will settle for it now its done, just a little bit disappointed it isn't like my other 2 items,
Jayne Eiffert
Jayne E.
Can’t even put into words how beautiful my ring is, I nearly didn’t get one but after seeing my sisters I immediately ordered mine. He is with me forever thanks to together always x
Sonja Lewis-Evans
Sonja L.
My ring arrived today and I'm so pleased with it I wanted something personal to remember my husband who passed 2 months ago and this is perfect he'll always be with me
Sandra Oakley Rock
Sandra Oakley R.
I lost my beautiful dog in June she was my baby girl for 9yrs. Having the beautiful ring will always keep part of her close to me. The service was excellent and the compassion from them really wonderful. I will treasure my ring forever. Thank you �
Marie Bint-Whyley
Marie B.
I have today received my beautiful ring with my fiances ashes in, what a lovely company to deal with,Thank you for giving me the chance to have him with me always xx
Emma Christopher
Emma C.
Just received my ring, my dad passed away about 10 years ago and I've always wanted to get a piece of jewellery with his ashes in and have finally managed to do it and I absolutely love it, thank you so much, highly recommend!
Milly May Louise Clarke
Milly May Louise C.
The first ashes necklace i ordered was before Christmas for myself and my second order for the same style of necklace and the clear glass colour arrived last weekend as a gift for my sisters birthday which i gave to her today. Both necklaces contain my mums ashes and Ive loved mine since the day i received it and my sister loves hers, thanks so much.
Lauren Massey-Loomes
Lauren M.
I lost my baby boy 14 years ago now hes finally with me always.Fabulous company.kept in contact from start to finish.Cant thank them enough x
Gemma Louise Spruce
Gemma Louise S.
Fantastic service from beginning to end, I love the ring that has been beautifully created in memory of my father. Thank you so much.
Carol Jessop
Carol J.
Amazing service, always with you at each step. Perfect jewlry. Customer service is excellent. Love my ring. My mum will always be with me now. �
Sam Day
Sam D.
My wonderful husband at 58 years of age was taken from us in February 2018, after a courageous fight to beat his cancer. I ordered 4 rings, for myself, our sons and my niece. The service I received was amazing; extremely professional and a lot of empathy was shown. My wedding ring is palladium, hence I asked if they could make me a small Celtic ring from this metal to match, which they happily did. It's beautiful; all the rings are first class. We love them. I still cannot believe my husband has gone; but it helps to know he is with me physically and spiritually now. I wear it with pride. Our sons who are 21 and 19 years have mentioned that their friends love their rings which is lovely; and my niece loves hers. Thank you so much xx
Emma Lawrence
Emma L.
I lost my brother very suddenly and tragically in Feb 2018, my necklace arrived last Saturday and it was so much better than I expected. I will never take it off and so proud to have a part of my brother with me everywhere. Thank you so much ��
Hannah Murray
Hannah M.
A year down the line my ring with a little bit of my Dad in it is still as beautiful as the day I received it and I've hardly ever taken it off! The quality and price (compared to other companies) is amazing and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend TOGETHER ALWAYS to anyone. Thank you xxx
Michaela Taylor
Michaela T.
Thank you for the jewellery, we lost my partner at 46 years old leaving his children accidentally,and today I’ve managed to give them a little of their dad to walk with them as they grow up and it’s beautiful � thank you xx
Alex Woolerton
Alex W.
Haze Finney
Haze F.
I was a bit sceptical about jewellery from ages, but I ordered a ring, my dad,s ashes from Together forever.I received reassuring e mails and received my ring on exact day I was advised.I luv it, so glad I used Together forever, a very empathetic, professional & honest company, my sister is now planning to place an order.Thank you v much xIrene
Irene Bennett
Irene B.
Absolutely thrilled to bits with my ring containing mum’s ashes - great service from start to finish - was worried that I wouldn’t like the colour I had chosen but it’s perfect. Thank you so much.
Britta Leonard
Britta L.
Just want to say a huge thank you for our beautiful rings with our mum's ashes in , we absolutely in love with them� she is now with us always � highly recommend this company fabulous service � Thank you again together♡ always xx
Angela Denton
Angela D.
I lost my husband of 51 years on Boxing Day 2017, but now I have him around my neck in my beautiful new pendant. I also purchased two pair of earrings for each of our daughters. So very pleased. I went into the local jewellers today to buy a longer necklace for my pendant and the jeweller was most impressed at the quality and style. Well done.
Carole Wallis
Carole W.
I have just received mine and my sisters jewellery with my mums ashes in and I'm over the moon with them. They are so beautiful and very delicate, just perfect, so thank you.
Emma Smith
Emma S.
Absolutely over the moon with my ring.Thank you so much.Every stage from ordering to receiving I have been kept informed.You said a month and you were true to your word.All dealt with sympathetically and dignified.Will recommend you to everyone.
Lisa Silverwood
Lisa S.
Beautiful ring ! Great service answered any questions I had . And it arrived on her birthday which I never planned it's the first birthday without her so thank you Together Always .
Carole Smith
Carole S.
I can’t thankyou guys enough! I love my ring so much, I will treasure it forever! ��
Lucy Hard
Lucy H.
Samantha Bance-Foster
Samantha B.
What amazing jewellery. I can't thankyou enough and begin to explain what it means to us. It's so nice to say that my dad will still always be with me every where I go. Thankyou.
Melissa Mc Donnell
Melissa Mc D.
8 months ago my world fell apart, I lost my fiancé and father to our boys age 3 and 9 to a very short battle of cancer at the age of 33. Today i received the beautiful ring with his ashes in which I absolutely love, I can’t thank you enough! from start to finish you have been amazing, professional and so helpful. I’m so grateful for this lovely ring and love the fact part of my darling neil will be with me always
Sarah Bowles
Sarah B.
Just want to highly recommend this company they made my sisters beautiful ring with our beautiful mums ashes this company was outstanding and took amazing care from start to finish would highly recommend and will definitely be using again thank you so much
Leanne Argent
Leanne A.
I was so unhappy when my wedding ring had to be cut off it had been on my finger for 52 years ,I decided to get a memorial ring made so my late husband would always be with me wherever I go .It arrived today and I absolutely love it .I intend to get together always engraved on the inside band and then it will be on my finger forever .Thank you so much you've made me a very happy lady xxx
Jill White
Jill W.
Amazing service from start to finish..Totally bespoke and personal to you, I am so happy with my ring it’s absolutely beautiful! Thanks Together Always. I will be recommending you to anyone wanting a treasured piece of jewellery ��
Zoe Holland
Zoe H.
Never take my ring off. It's like my dad is holding my hand.
Sarah NanNan Sullivan
Sarah NanNan S.
I really can’t Thankyou Enough for my pendant you made it so easy to order and to pay help me all the way and even made me a special blue which came out more than perfect could not have asked for a better service would come back again in a heartbeat
Katie Lane
Katie L.
Sarah Spendlove Penson
Sarah Spendlove P.
Amazing service and a beautiful piece of jewellery, I wasn’t sure if I would receive it before Christmas as I ordered later than I wanted but was always kept informed and can not fault the 5 star service I received I would highly recommend this company safe to say my mum was overwhelmed on receiving her ring so thank you! X
Donna Clark
Donna C.
Tania Fletcher
Tania F.
I can’t even begin to thank you enough, especially Vikki!!, from the very first contact right down to receiving my order the service was exceptional they went above and beyond to ensure I had my order for when I needed it and when it was received it was beautiful so pleased with it I would most highly recommend them lovely people and products Thank you xx
Emma Walker
Emma W.
Just received the pendant I ordered and I can’t believe how beautiful it is! The recipient is going to be over the moon! Thank you so so much - it’s such a wonderful thing that you do. Xx
Jordan Waite
Jordan W.
Arrived today the beautiful pendent I ordered with my dads ashes for my mum. I'm really pleased with it. I shall be ordering again after Christmas so impressed with the quality. Thank you so much for the care you showed at this hard time .
Elaine Goodband
Elaine G.
My beautiful ring came today. The service from beginning to end and I can't thank you enough for allowing me to carry a piece of my much loved mum with me forever
Jane Shore
Jane S.
Samie Jasinski
Samie J.
Marta Sikora
Marta S.
What amazing service. I can’t thank you enough for the help and care you showed when I placed an order with you for a necklace for my mum after my darling Dads very sudden death �The item has arrived and it’s beautiful there were of course tears when we gave it to my mum but she now always has my Dad with herThank you so much I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you xxx
Lynsey Hawkeswood Rattigan
Lynsey Hawkeswood R.
Today we received our rings of our amazing hero Owen Jenkins. My boy saved 2 girls who got into difficulty in beeston weir. The girls survived because of the selfless choice my boy made. Sadly OWEN didnt make it out if the water alive�Together always you have been amazing taking good care of my boys ashes and creating beautiful rings for myself, my family and 2 friends. Thank you x
Nicola Jenkins Was Fletcher
Nicola Jenkins Was F.
Absolutely beautiful pendant received today. Top quality and fantastic service. Kept informed every step of the process and now have part of my papa close to my heart forever � highly recommended. Thank you @[1460581370845103:Together Always]
Julie Martin
Julie M.
Received my beautiful ring with my Grandad's ashes contained in it. Cannot recommend this company enough. The work they've put it is truly incredible and the 4 week wait is so worthwhile, I could not wish for anything better. Thank you so much, thanks to you, I feel a sense of completeness again��
Carla Jade
Carla J.
Helen Hupston
Helen H.
Amazing , my ring is gorgeous, thank you
Karen Bradley
Karen B.
Received my gorgeous ring today after getting an email just yesterday that it was dispatched. Thank you SO much. It means everything to me ��
Louisa Rose Culley
Louisa Rose C.
Cannot rate these highly enough. Beautiful ring and aftercare is faultless. Thank you Andy and team @ together always🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Maria Jerromes
Maria J.
Love my ring so much. A perfect way to keep my precious furbaby, Dixie, with me always. Instant replies with any questions and offered to resize when I thought it didn't fit (think my finger had swollen a bit because it seems to fit perfectly now). Highly recommend. Thank you so so much!
Becky Wilcock
Becky W.
Rebecca Elliott
Rebecca E.
Holly Claire Beauchamp
Holly Claire B.
Absolutely beautiful ring. Great customer service. Would highly recommend these wonderful people xxx
Steph Benbow
Steph B.
Love my ring, simply stunning. So happy I can keep my Mum with me always!
Kirsty Connolly
Kirsty C.
Thanyou for my luvly ring that i received this morning a week earlier than quoted its beautiful and my mum will be with me always x
Lynne Davies
Lynne D.
My ring was delivered this morning and all I can say is WOW! It's truly stunning and now my dad can be with me always �� thank you so much!
Helen Kent
Helen K.
Hannah Harrington
Hannah H.
Karen Hayton Stewart
Karen Hayton S.
Chelsea Isabella Dodge
Chelsea Isabella D.
I received my ring back today and I absolutely love it. Thank you xx
Emma Jane
Emma J.
Beautifully made, can't thank you enough, this will always be such a special ring to me forever x
Christine Haylock
Christine H.
So today i received a beautiful necklace and what makes it more beautiful is my nana thank you for all your hard work
Jo Briggs
Jo B.
Reasonable prices, very fast service, gorgeous jewellery
Diana Watson
Diana W.
Gorgeous jewellery. My mum is with me all the time now. Thank you xx
Mandy Lloyd
Mandy L.
Following the brief illness and sudden loss of my husband I've been left devastated to say the least! The purchase process was easy, communication was spot on and everything was handled beautifully! My necklace has arrived and I'm astounded at how lovely it is!! I cannot thank you enough!Highly recommended
Salli Chance
Salli C.
My ring is stunning my mam will now travel with me everywhere thank you so much for the great work you have done with my late mums ashes amazing had so many ppl asking where i got it from so you have been well recommended thank you from the bottom of my heart xxx
Pat Salford Hughes
Pat Salford H.
Thank you so much for my stunning ring ...Your rings are beautiful anyway but even more so when you actually see them in person ...also excellent customer service ...would recommend to anyone who has lost a loved one
Katherine Alexander
Katherine A.
Michelle Hemmett Thorn
Michelle Hemmett T.
I'm very pleased with the beautiful gold pendant containing my Mother's ashes. Exceptionally good company.
Sara Goddard
Sara G.
Received our rings they are so beautiful 5 star service all round
Liz Cockayne
Liz C.
Anne-Marie Thompson-Reed
Anne-Marie T.
Denene Crossley
Denene C.
I have just received my signet ring containing my late Mother's ashes. I am absolutely delighted with it. It was only ordered just over a week ago. Such a fantastic service. Even returned the unused portion of the ashes. I whole-heartedly recommend them. Thank you.
Andrew Matthews
Andrew M.
Really pleased with my pendant containing my dad's ashes. Thank you.
Micheline Turner
Micheline T.
Eileen Thompson
Eileen T.
Me and my nana both received our rings today containing my late mums ashes and can't express our love of them enough! They are so perfect! Thank you very much for such a timeless piece �
Louise McFarlane
Louise M.
Casey Lee
Casey L.
Linsay Bingham
Linsay B.
such a lovely thing to do. hope this young chap gets his wish. lovely pieces that you have also x
Laura McKendrick
Laura M.
Great idea, the sentiment is real. I wish i had thought of this.
Kaelea Denise De Silva
Kaelea Denise De S.
Lovely what you are doing to help someone be close to their nanna and answering his request! Fab company x x x
Ella Fletcher
Ella F.
Shauna Delaney
Shauna D.
Andrea Rodwell
Andrea R.
Evangeline Cundle
Evangeline C.
Carina Nash
Carina N.
Cindy Watkins
Cindy W.
Geraldine Bridson
Geraldine B.
Faye Parsons
Faye P.
Such a beautiful and lovely idea. Your work looks incredible 🙂
Nicole O'Connor
Nicole O.
Liked for Nathan, hope he gets his signet ring
Laura Louise Hughes
Laura Louise H.
Alex Bowhay
Alex B.
This is such an amazing thing u do well done to u for making ppl happy xxxxxx
Katelynne Billman
Katelynne B.
Kelly Wright
Kelly W.
Beautiful piecesWhat a thoughtful idea xx
Katie Kinsella
Katie K.
Doing such a nice thing for someone who got in touch with you in need. After reading the post I would highly recommend this company! ��
Sam Yolanda
Sam Y.
Beautiful items! Good luck Nathan! ��
Aimee-Jo Ahmed
Aimee-Jo A.
Jade Simmons
Jade S.
Shannon Roberts
Shannon R.
Jess Kenrick
Jess K.
Hannah Tompkins
Hannah T.
Phoebe Clough
Phoebe C.
Great prices great pieces just what I was looking for
Rebecca Swain
Rebecca S.
Vicki Louise Watkins
Vicki Louise W.
Lovely thoughtfull jewellery to always have a loved one with you
Kirsty L Barnes
Kirsty L B.
Sarah Louise Roberts
Sarah Louise R.
Rachel Minnie Stewart
Rachel Minnie S.
Never bought anything but your items are stunning x
Helen Clare Lockett
Helen Clare L.
Charleigh Morgan
Charleigh M.
Shannon Glassford
Shannon G.
What a beautiful gifts you have. Your site is amazing and thank you for making people's loved ones close!
Caralee Gillespie-Case
Caralee G.
Louise Preston
Louise P.
I absolutely love your site & Thant you do this amazing gift for people. Thank you
Deanna Stevenson
Deanna S.
Rebecca Priestley
Rebecca P.
Excellent service we were kept in touch from start to finish and we love our beautiful jewelry thank you
Wendy Clegg
Wendy C.
My ring is beautiful and the comfort I feel when I look at it is overwhelming thank you
Hayley Woods
Hayley W.
Just received my ring and it looks amazing thank you so much highly recommend.
Jason Carlton
Jason C.
Absolutely beautiful products would recommend. I got a sliver ring two silver pendents and a gold pendent, each product was good quality and finished to a high standard. The communication was very professional and the products where sent well within the time stated. Thank you very much we will treasure these items made with my dads ashes forevermore ❤️ X
Marie Dempster
Marie D.
Thank you so much for our rings! We're so so happy! Amazing quality and amazing service. We can now carry our mom with us everywhere! Could not be happier!
Abbigail Witts
Abbigail W.
Beautiful made jewellery, wear my ring every day.x
Natalie G McKenna
Natalie G M.
I ordered the silver signet ring for my partner with his younger brother's ashes in it. It's absolutely beautiful and he is thrilled with it. Thank you so much!
Jasmine Anderton
Jasmine A.
We received our ring and charm in time for Christmas. It was already an emotional time as my mum only passed away in November so receiving the jewellery has given me inner peace and joy everytime I look at it.Thank you so much x
Jules Jones-House
Jules J.
Really pleased with my two crosses . Quality fantastic
Lesley Hunt Heapy
Lesley Hunt H.
Kayleigh Louise Norrish
Kayleigh Louise N.
Hannah-Dee Fayers
Hannah-Dee F.

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We’ve put together a handy table with the ring size measurements below, or alternatively you can get in touch with us for a free ring-sizer.

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Enter our jewellery blog competition to win £100


Here at Together Always we are passionate about making unique items of jewellery that people will treasure forever.

We believe the best jewellery items are those that mean a lot to the wearer – whether it’s a ring, pendant, earring, brooch, charm bracelet or anything else. If it means something and holds a lot of memories, then it will be always be worn with love and pride.

For this reason, we thought it would be a good idea to ask jewellery bloggers about the items of jewellery that mean the most to them – and ask that they write a post on their blog about their most treasured item of jewellery.

Write a post on your blog and enter the competition to win £100 Amazon voucher

If you are a jewellery blogger and would like to enter the competition, all you need to do is write a post on your blog about the item, or items, of jewellery that mean the most to you – and why.

So that we can record your entry, you will need to add the following image code to your blog post:



This blog post is an entry into the Together Always jewellery blog competition
<a href=””><img src=””>



The competition will close at 5pm on Friday 31 July, and the prize winner will be drawn at random from all valid entries.

The competition is open to bloggers in any country, and is not limited to jewellery bloggers. If you have a blog and would like to tell your readers about your most treasured item of jewellery, then you can enter the competition.

However, remember that only blog posts with the above image code on them will be entered into the draw to win the prize.

If you are not resident in the UK, then the prize will be the equivalent of £100 in your national currency.

If you have any questions regarding the competition, please contact us on [email protected]

Good luck!

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At Together Always we have been busy designing and creating new pieces of jewellery, and we’re excited to announce that there are four new products now available to buy.

As with all of our products, these new items are available in either sterling Silver or 9ct Gold, and your choice of setting colour (Amber, Topaz, Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby and Diamond).

Find out more about each of our new jewellery items below, and request an order pack today.

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