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Funeral poems – find inspiration with our list of poems for funerals

ashes urn with mourners looking on

If you are looking for the perfect verse or poem to read at a funeral, hopefully our collection of funeral poems below will help.

As well as popular poems, we have listed poems suitable for reading at a parents, grandparents, sibling or friends funeral.

If there's any other great poems that we have missed out, please feel free to share them in the comments and we will add them to our list.

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General funeral poems

For those looking for inspiration for the perfect poem to read at a funeral, the below poems are great choices for all circumstances.

Funeral poems for dad

The following memorial poems are all suitable for those who are doing a reading at their father's funeral.

Funeral poems for mum

These remembrance poems and verses are ideal if you are doing a reading at your mother's funeral.

Funeral poems for grandparents

The following memorial poems are ideal if you are doing a reading at a grandmother or grandfather's funeral.

Funeral poems for a brother

If you are doing a reading for a brother that has passed away, the following funeral poems are ideal for capturing that special bond between siblings.

Funeral poems for a sister

The following poems are suitable if you are doing a reading at a sisters funeral.

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