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Creative ways to display your treasured photos

We’ve all got lots of photographs. Whether they are golden oldies stuffed in a box in the loft, or more recent ones posted in the digital world. But how many time have you said “Oh I must get this one framed?”

If you’re anything like us, then lots of times! But we’ve just never get round to it. Also, there’s only so many photo frames you can have before your shelves and sideboards start to look a little cluttered!

Whether old or new, photographs are memories. And whether these memories make you smile, laugh or cry, it’s nice to have them around your home.

We’ve put together this list of creative ways for you to display your photos. So fish some oldies out, get some newbies printed and get DIY-ing!

Transfer your photos on to wood


This process is easy yet effective. You can transfer photos on to blocks of wood which can be displayed around your home by being hung on walls or stood on shelves.

Once you know how, you could go one step further and transfer photos and other images on to pieces of furniture for a unique look.

Find out how here.

Make a set of personalised coasters

You could make these adorable personalised coasters to have on your coffee table. These also make great presents for people.

Get the instructions to make them here.

Create a photo lantern


These cute little things will brighten up any room. You can hang them inside your house or even in the garden. As they light up, they work during the day but look even better at night!

Get the tutorial here.

Craft your own magnets

You can make glass photo magnets, bottle cap photo magnets, standard photo magnets – the list is endless. Get creative and brighten up your fridge.

There’s lots of tutorials online, here’s just one of them.

Jazz up tea light holders and candles

This is another idea that is super simple yet very effective. Having them all lit up would be extremely cosy in the winter. You could also pop some outside for summer evenings in the garden.

See how here.

Make some fun bunting

Bunting is very popular at the minute and what better than to personalise it?! There are so many different options like colour, size, shape, material – the list is endless.

You could even hang photos from string or fairy lights (like in the picture) to get the bunting effect without the work! These would make a great decoration at events such as weddings or parties.

There’s endless tutorials online such as this one.

Make a DIY picture vase

These days you can make anything out of anything, and this beautiful picture vase is proof. It’s made out of, would you believe, PVC pipes!

Make your own following this tutorial.

Create pillows, cushions and blankets

You can get quite creative here too with different sizes and shapes, one whole picture or a collage of lots.

You could even make teeny tiny cushions and fill them with beautiful smelling potpourri or lavender (like the ones in the picture) to pop in to your underwear drawer.

Find out how to make cushions here.

Create an amazing wall display

If you prefer to have your pictures hung on the walls around your house then why not create something different and unique.

You can have a few pictures dotted around or have a huge wall full of them – whatever works for you.

Get creative with frames

Alternatively, if you’d rather have your pictures displayed in frames around the house, then you could get creative and make some unique and one off frames like the above.