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Customer Testimonial – 5 August 2014

At Together Always we ask all of our customers to tell us a bit about themselves and what they think of their new jewellery. There’s no obligation to provide a testimonial, and we respect all of our customers’ privacy so no names are ever associated with the testimonials.

My husband sadly passed away over a year ago and my children and I decided to have him cremated rather than buried. I initially thought we should scatter his ashes, but once he was cremated I couldn’t part with them, and so kept them in a beautiful urn at home.

I heard through a friend about Together Always and was intrigued so requested an order pack. After speaking with my children, who all loved the idea, I decided to buy a silver ornate ring in ruby.


ring for ashesI was so impressed with the service and how easy it was for me to send some of the ashes. I was worried at first about separating the ashes, but when I realised I only needed to send a very small amount, it was fine.

Around three weeks later, I received my ring by special delivery and fell in love. I love wearing it every day. It’s a huge comfort to me to have him with me wherever I go. I recently went on holiday with my daughter and we joked that ‘dad was coming along too’.

At my age, a lot of my friends are losing their husbands and wives and I have recommended Together Always to them all as I think it is such a lovely idea.

I wear my ring every day and love showing it off to everyone. I want to say a huge thank you to Together Always for making me this ring and for providing an excellent service.

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