Ring sizing guide

Ring sizing is tricky – particularly if you are purchasing a gift. Simply put, an inside circumference measurement is taken in millimetres which corresponds to a particular letter – the ring size. We’ve put together a handy table with the ring size measurements below, or alternatively you can get in touch with us for a […]

Jewellery care guide – general tips for looking after your jewellery

Caring for your jewellery is important and you may be unsure how to keep it looking as clean as polished as it was the day you bought it. This guide aims to tell you everything you need to know about looking after your jewellery – whether it be an expensive engagement ring, a sentimental necklace, […]

Metal buying guide – everything you need to know about gold, silver and platinum

Whether it be a necklace for someone’s birthday, some earrings to say thank you, or a diamond ring for that all important question. Whatever the occasion and whoever the recipient, buying a piece of jewellery can be the perfect gift for a loved one. With so many precious metals to choose from, making the right […]

Creative ways to display your treasured photos

We’ve all got lots of photographs. Whether they are golden oldies stuffed in a box in the loft, or more recent ones posted in the digital world. But how many time have you said “Oh I must get this one framed?” If you’re anything like us, then lots of times! But we’ve just never get […]

Enter our jewellery blog competition to win £100

  Here at Together Always we are passionate about making unique items of jewellery that people will treasure forever. We believe the best jewellery items are those that mean a lot to the wearer – whether it’s a ring, pendant, earring, brooch, charm bracelet or anything else. If it means something and holds a lot […]

Where can I scatter ashes?

Although the laws on scattering ashes are quite relaxed in the UK, there are certain rules and regulations you need to be aware of. We’ve put together the below graphic so you know exactly where you stand in terms of whether you are allowed to scatter ashes or not in certain locations.

A Complete Guide to the Cremation Process

  When a loved one passes away, organising the funeral and memorial service can be difficult to face.  However, you’ll want to take a variety of factors into account, such as the deceased person’s wishes as well as financial concerns. Cremation is an increasingly common choice, but it can be helpful to learn more about […]

How to write an obituary

  Writing an obituary can be an important part of saying goodbye to a friend or loved one, but it can also feel like a tremendous pressure to do justice to their memory. The best obituaries are honest, celebratory and memorable, touching on those aspects of your loved one’s life that will strike a chord […]